Trusted experienced advocates serving your interests

Our floor members have decades of experience in litigation, large and small; in addressing the commercial needs of business; and grappling with challenging family and business disputes and succession issues.

Our clients

Range from individuals to multinationals, government bodies, regulators and non-profit organizations. Our experience in acting for regulators allows us greater insights when we are retained to oppose them, ensuring that private rights are preserved.

The floor

Boasts a range of specialists practicing in contract, commercial, equity, property, corporate, administrative, building and construction, family, insurance and revenue law. Our focus is not confined to local matters. We are experienced in cross-border transactions, cross border disputes and international arbitration.

Our members

Have the expertise to ensure that cases are expeditiously and advantageously presented, demonstrating daily the capacity to advise on current laws and how changes to them might affect business, family groups, individuals and not for profit organizations.

Advocacy commences with advice.

Our members provide practical, relevant, insightful and incisive advice, carefully weighing and describing risks, while recognizing opportunities and advantages.

Once engaged

Once engaged we work hard to understand and meet your needs, independently, objectively, dispassionately, effectively Serving your interests