Vikram Misra

Vikram was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia in 2012 and called to the NSW Bar in 2015.

He maintains a broad commercial practice, however his areas of interest include; taxation law, property law, construction law and equity.

Vikram has completed a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne, specialising in construction law, where he was awarded the Corrs Chambers Westgarth Prize for Remedies in the Construction Context. He has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Taxation Law from the University of Sydney.

Vikram also presents CLE seminars for BenchmarkTV. A discussion involving unjust enrichment and termination of contracts for the purchase of land can be viewed at the following link:

Some selected cases that Vikram has appeared in are as follows:

Homebush CCC Pty Ltd v CCCLetting Group Pty Ltd & Anor

Supreme Court Proceedings 2017/00195952 (led by S. Jacobs) – Appeared for the First Defendant in a matter involving rectification, equitable estoppel, breach of contract and an allegation of misleading and deceptive conduct. Matter settled before expedited hearing.


Nehmetallah v Roads and Maritime Service

Local Court Proceedings 2017/272758 (unled) – Successfully appealed a Driver Licence suspension under s 266 of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW).


Ku-ring-gai Council v Chan [2017] NSWCA 226

(led b P. Bambagiotti) – Successful appeal against the finding of a duty of care owed by a council to a subsequent owner in issuing an occupation certificate – s 18B of the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW)


Sheeran v Ismail & Anor

Supreme Court Proceedings 2017/14921 – Restraint of Trade – Appeared unled in mediation (matter settled at mediation).


Spark Property Pty Ltd v Mammone & Cristofaro

Supreme Court Proceedings 2017/64574 (led by S. Jacobs) – Successful application to declare Vendor’s Notice to complete & Notice of termination of a contract for sale of land, invalid. True construction/rectification of contract. Order for specific performance and costs granted.


Crawford v Crawford & Morris

Supreme Court Proceedings 2016/71897 (led by S. Jacobs) – Freezing/Mareva Orders, worldwide freezing orders regarding properties in Australia and Malta.


Jacobs v Levitt [2016] NSWDC 202

(led by S. Jacobs) – Successful application to extend time for the commencement of proceedings pursuant to s 56A of the Limitation Act 1969 (NSW).


Kiriazidis v Police

Local Court Proceedings 2016/153656 – Charge withdrawn and costs order made against NSW Police.

Vikram Tel: (+612) 8915 2827 Fax: (+612) 9223 3941
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