Laina Chan

Counsel are strategists.

Her strength is to make judgment calls based upon her experience and understanding of what arguments are likely to succeed and which ones are not.

Retaining Laina ensures that judgment calls can be made as to which causes of action should be pursued and which should not.

Like every good business plan, a winning litigation strategy focusses upon 2 and at most 3 major actions. It is as important to know which causes of action we should be focussing on as to be aware of which causes of action will not be pursued.

She will make an assessment of the merits of the case as well as the risks of not pursuing some of the weaker causes of action.

This assessment should ideally be made at the outset of every case and revised when new or unexpected evidence comes to light. In the same way that a business cannot succeed in the absence of a carefully thought out and mapped out business plan which is implemented, a case cannot be won without a clear case strategy that informs the content of all the case preparation that is done to advance the cause of your client.

If she is briefed at the outset, she can then collaborate with the entire legal team to set the strategy to ensure the most efficient way towards dispute resolution and an ultimate containment of costs.

An article that she has written on the benefits of briefing counsel early in Inhouse Counsel can be downloaded here.  She has also been identified as a game changer in the TOP 100 Women in Construction Initiative and a woman to watch by the University of Sydney.

Laina has been at the bar since 2004. 

Her main areas of specialty are insurance, construction and property as well as all forms of complex commercial disputes.

She is working on professional negligence claims against building professionals and real estate agents, commercial disputes involving significant sums and complex issues, corporate fraud matters as well advising on insurance coverage matters.

Also current are several property related disputes in connection with the construction of leases both legal and equitable, s 66ZL of the Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW) and conveyances that have gone wrong.

Since she have been at the bar, she has worked on a range of professional indemnity matters defending construction professionals, town planners, pre-purchase building inspectors, real estate agents, financial planners, stock brokers and lawyers as well as commercial disputes involving guarantees and indemnities.

See for example:

Publications and Presentations

Laina is coauthoring a book with Professor John Carter on Contract and Consumer Law. The work is due for publication by Federation Press in the latter half of 2018 and will look at Consumer Guarantees, Unfair Contract Terms, Misleading or Deceptive Conduct and Unconscionable Conduct.  She is also authoring the chapters on professional liability and insurance in the upcoming next edition of Bailey’s Construction Law in Australia, a Thomsen Reuters publication. One of the highlights for her is that in 2018, Laina will be commencing lecturing post graduate students in Contract Law at the University of Sydney as well as presenting at the International Society of Construction Law Conference in Chicago.

Her interest in property law has seen her act on many property related matters and she has also presented and published on a number of conveyancing related issues in the Torts Law Journal and the Australian Property Law Journal.

She is looking forward to speaking in Chicago at the 8thInternational Society of Construction Law Conference – Construction Law: Local Issues- Global Perspectives where she will be addressing the issue of doing deals and avoiding spills!  In the last few of years, she has presented throughout Australia and in New York on the enforcement of international arbitral awards in the Asia Pacific.  She has been published in Construction Law International as well as the New York International Law Review on the issue.

Some of her publications include:

She has advised widely on the impact of Arbitration Clauses in Commercial Contracts and also appeared in Traxys Europe SA v Balaji Coke Industry PVT Ltd (No 2) (2012) 201 FCR 535.

In 2013, she completed the advanced ICC Institute PIDA Training on international arbitral practice at the ICC headquarters in Paris.

She lectured from 2007 to 2010 in the University of Melbourne’s graduate construction law program in which she taught Security for Performance and Insuring Risk in Construction Projects.

She is also a contributing author to the latest edition of Bailey and Bell, Construction Law in Australia, Thomson Reuters, 3rd edition in which I wrote the chapter on professional liability.

Society of Construction Law Australia

In September 2015, she was elected to the Board of the Society of Construction Law.

In 2016 she was re-elected to the Board and took on the role of Secretary.

In her role as director, she is working with Consult Australia to address the issue of the costs of procurement in infrastructure projects to identify ways in which this can be managed optimally and ultimately regularized via a change in the regulations governing procurement in public works.

She graduated from the University of Sydney in 1994.

She commenced working for the then Justice Clarke in the Court of Appeal as his researcher, carrying out detailed research and preparing draft judgments including that of Woollahra Municipal Council v Sved & ors (1996) 40 NSWLR 101 and Akins v National Australia Bank (1994) 34 NSWLR 155.

For the 6 months of the 2 years that she worked for the judge, she was assigned to Justice Michael Kirby as his researcher where she had the opportunity to work closely with the judge and to also prepare several draft judgments. Those judgments include Nicholson v Nicholson (1994) 35 NSWLR 308, Forgeard v Shanahan (1994) 35 NSWLR 206 and several more.

Following her employment at the Court of Appeal, she joined Phillips Fox for about 2 years where she was introduced to a wide range of professional indemnity and defamation cases.

In early 1998, she left Phillips Fox to join Minter Ellison where her association with building and construction law and LawCover work commenced. During the 5 years that she was at Minter Ellison, she worked on many construction cases defending architects, engineers and other building professionals. For the whole period, she also worked on the matter of Maronis Holdings Ltd v Nippon Credit Australia Ltd & ors (2001) 38 ACSR 404 representing Clayton Utz who was successful at trial before Bryson J. The matter settled after the hearing of the appeal but prior to judgment.

In 2003 and prior to joining the bar, she joined the construction department of Herbert Geer Rundle where she headed the litigation construction team. At Herbert Geer, she represented both head-contractors and sub-contractors in 3 significant pieces of litigation, 2 of which were claims against the State concerning massive delays and EOT claims during the construction of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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